FREE NCOA Processing of your list when we print and mail your newsletter consisting of 5,000 or more pieces. Smaller list? If we print and mail your newsletter of 1,000 to 4,999 pieces we’ll process your list through NCOA for only $45. This is less than half the normal NCOA pricing. You must mention internet offer #4004 at the time of your order.

NATIONAL CHANGE OF ADDRESS (NCOA) NCOA compares your mailing list to more than 110 million address changes. When a postal customer files a permanent change of address with their local post office, the move is added to NCOA. Change of address information is kept on NCOA for three years. When name and address information on your mailing list matches name and “old” address information on NCOA, you will receive the new address for your customer.

NCOA is an excellent mail list management tool. In addition CASS Certifying your list, NCOA can help reduce the cost of maintaining a list; reduce the cost of mailing; help increase the number of pieces that reach their intended destination; and help reduce the time that it takes for your mail to be delivered. In most cases, NCOA is the most cost effective way to obtain change of address information. NCOA helps reduce these mailing expenses:

  • Printing
  • Postage
  • Address Correction Charges
  • File Maintenance
  • Mail Processing

NCOA processing is $4.00 per thousand with a minimum charge of $80.00. This includes the first 20,000 names. The NCOA charge is normally offset with savings on the first mailing. We recommend updating your list through NCOA annually.

For lists over 50,000 call for special rates.

NCOA Form (pdf)

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