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Our skilled production/design team can help bring your ideas to life. Our experienced graphics designers are familiar with all the latest software programs, and with thorough knowledge of press requirements, we can guarantee your project will be successful. As Adobe Print Service Providers and Microsoft Office Publisher Service Providers, our knowledgeable computer/graphic experts ensure that you'll get the final results you expect.

AIM Specialists can handle print jobs that vary in size and shape with options for 1 to 4 color offset printing and high-speed digital (color and black and white) laser printing. A number of bindery and finishing techniques can be applied, such as: folding, scoring, trimming, numbering, perfing, collating, stitching and drilling.

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The 6 Features of Graphic Design that Sells

A well-designed mailpiece can go a long way toward increasing sales. Follow these guidelines for success with your graphic designs:

•  One thing dominates the page. Whether it’s the headline or the picture, just one thing should catch the eye – not both.

•  Minimize typeface variety. The best designers stick with one or two typefaces, plus the logo, per piece.

•  White space. An open and airy design is inviting and friendly. Don’t feel compelled to fill every inch of space.

•  Easy-to-read text. Break up the page by interspersing short, indented paragraphs with long ones, and using bullet points and bold subheads.

•  Use relevant illustrations. The purpose of the illustration is to help draw attention or dramatize your message.

•  Clear, visible logo and call-to-action. Get your readers’ attention and arouse their interest.

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