Variable Data Printing

The most effective way to communication with your clients. Color, personalized mailings can increase your response by up to 400%

Variable Data Printing

Variable Data Printing, or VDP is also known as One-to-One Marketing, (Digital) Print on Demand, and Personalized Printing. VDP is a form of printing in which documents are created from a combination of variable text & images that are taken from records in a database.

Why Variable Data Printing?

One of the most important questions asked, why should our company use Variable Data Printing? VDP is a great tool for conducting customer-focused marketing strategies by tailoring your literature to appeal to your individual customers. One-to-One Marketing can be used as an efficient and cost-effective means to reach the right customers at the right time. Proven to be effective tools to enhance your marketing efforts and improve your customer-service.

Levels of Personalization

This is a “one size fits all” approach to marketing. Your marketing message is “mass-produced” using conventional means and then sent to a large number of customers. Each and every customer receives the same exact message, regardless of customers shopping habits, relationship with company, and/or profitability to your company.

Each customer’s name and address with appear on each document to attract attention but the marketing message is static and exactly the same for each and every customer.

Segmented versions of a document are created to meet the needs of different groups. Your customer base is segmented according to demographics, or other attributes. For example, a clothing store is marketing to customers regarding its new spring line. The customers can be segmented by gender, age, or geography location. Customized content is then delivered in a fashion that best suits the needs of each particular segment.

Fully Customized
The ultimate application of direct marketing, each document’s content is fully customized to be highly relevant and custom-tailored to a specific individual. A full color document is dynamically composed and everything in the document can be varied- the layout, text and images can all be swapped depending on the customer.

Preparing a VDP project
A variable data job is designed just like any other print projects by using a standard graphic software package such as Adobe InDesign. Whereever a variable element is needed, simply place one example of the possible text or graphic in the spot. When finished, print a hard copy of your file and circle all the variable elements, marking each with a descriptive name.

All variable elements (text or graphic files) are placed within a database, or spreadsheet. Each column represents a different variable field in the document. The first row should be used to title the columns using the same names you marked on the hard copy of your piece. Each row after the title row represents a unique finished document. The document file, hard copy, database, images, and fonts are then sent to AIM Specialists. Our graphics professionals will link your document to the databases and proceed with printing.

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